6.10. Flashscore analysis of players’ gaming practices

Playscan is a tool for evaluating betting practices and their evolution over time, used by Flashscore for its online sports betting and online betting sites. The Playscan tool analyzes the data of each player registered on one or the two aforementioned sites and carries out an evaluation of the playing practice. The result of this evaluation results in the allocation of a color indicator symbolizing the weekly evolution of the player’s betting practice compared to his previous betting habits. This color indicator is displayed in the FLASHSCORE account and the player is informed by email of the evolution of his playing practice. He can at any time decide to no longer receive information emails on the evolution of his practice by going to their FLASHSCORE account. The Playscan information service is made available to players for information purposes. Players are informed that the attribution of “red” status may trigger the implementation of specific measures by Flashscore and other online betting sites. With regard to players who have requested to receive commercial solicitations from Flashscore by email or SMS, this may in particular result in the suspension of these solicitations. An initial analysis time of several weeks may be necessary before the allocation of color controls.

6.10.2. Flashscore self-assessment tool

A self-assessment questionnaire on players’ betting habits (called Selftest) is available in their FLASHSCORE account. This test allows them to obtain an estimate of their betting practice, based on their answers to the questions asked. Players have the option to retake the test at any time. It is specified that the final result of the said test is only one piece of information among others made available to the player which can help inform him about his playing practice.


Flashscore Live

7.1. Flashscore live prohibits the use of artificial intelligence technologies allowing automatic participation in a game or the automatic selection of the choices constituting the game decision(s). By artificial intelligence technology, Flashscore means all robots, automatons, mechanical devices, electronics or any other device. In the event of use or serious indications of use of such a device, Flashscore live will take all necessary measures and will proceed according to the seriousness of the facts, in accordance with the provisions of sub-article 18.2. That means restriction, cancellation and blocking of any operation, as well as the blocking or closing of the FLASHSCORE LIVE account. It will proceed or not to reimburse the available funds (including the prizes) appearing in the FLASHSCORE account by any means it deems appropriate or to take any other measure it deems appropriate. As such, the player will be informed of the reason for the measure taken by Flashscore Live.

Flashscore Live game rules

7.2. When launching the game, the player may need to download the software necessary for the proper functioning of the game on its digital medium. He then plays in accordance with the special rules of the Flashscore live game. Participation in one of the games available online is only possible after identification of the player by his email address and password. Participation in a game implies adherence to the specific rules of this game available on the site. The player can also obtain help or information on websites and applications and access the information contained in his FLASHSCORE account.

Flashscore Live betting

7.3. Each betting leads to a debit on the availability of the online wallet for an amount equal to the bet corresponding to the betting. The bets are only recorded within the limit of the availability of the online wallet and Flashcore fixed matches. In the event that the player’s bet has not been registered, the amount initially debited will be paid back to the player on his availability as soon as possible and at the latest the following day.

7.4. The costs corresponding to the connection service of Flashscore live, whatever the digital medium, are the responsibility of the player and in no case constitute a bet.


Flashscore Soccer

7.5. Flashscore Soccer special provisions applicable to online scratch card games

Flashscore soccer offers scratch card games as part of its online lottery game offer according to the characteristics provided for in Article L. 382-9-2 1° of the Internal Security Code. To place a bet in an online scratch card game, the player must validate the bet and the Flashscore fixed matches by clicking on the “PLAY” button. His bet is debited from the availability of the online wallet, in accordance with sub-article 7.3. Each online scratch game is the subject of one or more blocks comprising the same table of prizes and made up of a determined number of game units, described in the specific rules of the game. Chance for scratch games online occurs when the game unit is allocated by the Flashscore soccer  Computer System, when the player clicks on the “PLAY” button. Therefore, for these games, the progress of the game unit, as well as any action of the player, after clicking on the “PLAY” button have no effect on the result of the game unit. If the player does not cannot see all or part of the progress of his Flashscore fixed game unit at any time whatsoever after his bet has been debited, he can check whether it has won or lost by consulting his game history.


Flash Score Football Today

7.6. Flash score football today may offer free rounds in the form of “game credits” (also called “promotional e-credits”) and free bets granted to registered players in accordance with the provisions of Article 2 and meeting the allocation conditions. The player is informed of the special conditions of allocation by printed advertising material, postal mail, by e-mail, by mini-message on a mobile phone or by general information on websites or applications. The player may also have to enter a promotional code in their FLASH SCORE FOOTBALL TODAY account. The “gaming credits” or Flashscore bets obtained on online lottery and sports betting offers are added to the availability of the online wallet of the FLASH SCORE FOOTBALL TODAY account and their period of validity is one month from their allocation, except for specific terms communicated to the players. The Flashscore bets, obtained on the online sports betting offer, feed the “free bets” compartment of the FLASHSCORE account and their limited period of validity is specified in the conditions of attribution. According to the conditions of attribution, the “game credits” can only be used on certain games or types of Flash score football today games.

Flash Score Football Today offer

Free bets can only be used on Flashscore’s online odds sports betting offer. In the event of non-use of game credits and free bets at the end of their period of validity, the player will no longer be able to use them on lottery and/or online sports betting offers. “Game credits” and free bets cannot be transferred to the player’s payment account. When the player takes a bet, his valid Flash score football today “game credits” are used in priority. When the player takes a bet, he can choose to use his valid free bets as a priority or not.


Flashscore Odds

The ABO + service is an automatic betting registration for Flashscore odds services available only for certain draw games and reserved for holders of a FLASHSCORE account under the conditions detailed below.

8.1. Flashscore Odds subscription to the ABO + service

8.1.1. Flashscore Odds subscription conditions

This service is only offered to players whose FLASHSCORE ODDS account is “confirmed”. The ABO+ service is only offered for certain draw games. Some game options are not included in the service. The specific draw game regulations specify the ABO+ service options offered or not for each of these games. It is not possible to subscribe to this Flashscore odds service several times for the same draw game.

8.1.2. Flashscore odds subscription terms

To subscribe to the ABO + service, the player selects “unlimited ABO +” when entering his numbers and Flashscore odds game options (such as draw days or other optional games), then accept these conditions by ticking the box “I accept the terms and conditions of the Flashscore odds online game offer”. Once the subscription to the service has been validated, the player receives an e-mail summarizing the subscribed service including the PDF version of these general conditions.

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