Flashscore Football Today

Flashscore Football Today

Flashscore Football Today

7.6. Flash score football today may offer free rounds in the form of “game credits” (also called “promotional e-credits”) and free bets granted to registered players in accordance with the provisions of Article 2 and meeting the allocation conditions. The player is informed of the special conditions of allocation by printed advertising material, postal mail, by e-mail, by mini-message on a mobile phone or by general information on websites or applications. The player may also have to enter a promotional code in their FLASH SCORE FOOTBALL TODAY account. The “gaming credits” or Flashscore bets obtained on online lottery and sports betting offers are added to the availability of the online wallet of the FLASH SCORE FOOTBALL TODAY account and their period of validity is one month from their allocation, except for specific terms communicated to the players. The Flashscore bets, obtained on the online sports betting offer, feed the “free bets” compartment of the FLASHSCORE account and their limited period of validity is specified in the conditions of attribution. According to the conditions of attribution, the “game credits” can only be used on certain games or types of Flash score football today games.

Flash Score Football Today offer

Free bets can only be used on Flashscore’s online odds sports betting offer. In the event of non-use of game credits and free bets at the end of their period of validity, the player will no longer be able to use them on lottery and/or online sports betting offers. “Game credits” and free bets cannot be transferred to the player’s payment account. When the player takes a bet, his valid Flash score football today “game credits” are used in priority. When the player takes a bet, he can choose to use his valid free bets as a priority or not.


Flashscore Odds

The ABO + service is an automatic betting registration for Flashscore odds services available only for certain draw games and reserved for holders of a FLASHSCORE account under the conditions detailed below.

8.1. Flashscore Odds subscription to the ABO + service

8.1.1. Flashscore Odds subscription conditions

This service is only offered to players whose FLASHSCORE ODDS account is “confirmed”. The ABO+ service is only offered for certain draw games. Some game options are not included in the service. The specific draw game regulations specify the ABO+ service options offered or not for each of these games. It is not possible to subscribe to this Flashscore odds service several times for the same draw game.

8.1.2. Flashscore odds subscription terms

To subscribe to the ABO + service, the player selects “unlimited ABO +” when entering his numbers and Flashscore odds game options (such as draw days or other optional games), then accept these conditions by ticking the box “I accept the terms and conditions of the Flashscore odds online game offer”. Once the subscription to the service has been validated, the player receives an e-mail summarizing the subscribed service including the PDF version of these general conditions.

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